Real Estate & Franchising


Our clients regularly consult us regarding numerous transactions relating to real estate. Our lawyers also sit in boards of condominium corporations to document proceedings and advice homeowners about their rights and obligations.

Franchising in the country is now bigger and brighter.  There is no better time to go into a franchising business in the Philippines than today.  More importantly, there is no better Firm equipped to handle the legal progressions and complexities of your franchising business than our lawyers who are into the business themselves.

Whether it be product franchising or a business format franchising, our lawyers will be able to competently assist you in the development of your franchise through their legal know-how and familiarity with the intricacies and essentials of the franchising business.  Our lawyers have the competence and knowledge to help you hurdle the obstacles that you may encounter during the process.

It is true that no single person or entity, regardless of his/its vast experience, will be able to handle the all the phases of franchise development, such as the development of an operations system, development of a franchise structure, development of a marketing department, and development of the legal franchising.  Our lawyers, however, can assure you of their capable and diligent assistance during each of these phases and in every step of the way.

We, as your lawyers, are here to make sure that the terms and conditions of your franchise documents are complied with in your favor and that any such breach thereof will not create a dent on the system which can cause damage to your product, brand or business.   We are here to help your franchising business grow.

In the face of franchising adversities, we will not let you down.  We will exert our utmost best to establish a win-win partnership with you and shall work with you to achieve personal and financial growth and success in the wonderful world of franchising.

Partner Maricar Lazaro heads these two practice areas and she may be reached at [email protected].