Litigation & Dispute Resolution


No legal issue is too complicated, no claim or defense is too difficult to handle, and no litigation is too tedious for the skilled team of FNS litigators to win. Honed through daily court room work, attendance by a team at evidence-presentations conducted by senior partners, and impressed with constant reminders to focus on details not readily seen in the body of evidence, it is not at all surprising that the success rate of cases handled by FNS teams in various courts and tribunals are exceptionally high.

Keeping clients out of trouble or getting them out of one is key to FNS being the go-to of individuals and organizations with high-profile entanglements while keeping low-key in its handling, away from the prying eyes of media, to deliver results that are beyond clients’ expectations. Members of the team meet regularly to keep abreast of current trends, case law, and techniques that are revised, reworked, and re-thought of by senior partners with over 3 decades of shaping jurisprudence that had helped change the legal landscape.

Persistent and prescient, the litigation teams of FNS are your reliable source of information to steer your concerns and businesses onto compliance with the Rule of Law. Because of their deep understanding of the law and genuine concern for their clients’ well-being, FNS litigators inspire others to move cases forward with discipline, dispatch, and dogged-determination. Court personnel and judges confirm that the caliber of our lawyers are a notch above the rest in writing style, clarity of thought, profundity of arguments, and engaging decorum in and out of court.

Be safe, secure, and satisfied with the FNS team of dispute resolution experts.

Founding and Senior Partner Sig Fortun leads all FNS litigators and he can be reached at [email protected].