Intellectual Property


At FNS, we believe that our clients should always realize value from their intellectual property.

That is why, for patents, we draft the specifications and claims of the invention and utility model applications, in consultation with our technical specialists from Pinoy IP Works, Inc., to ensure that the inventors and makers get the broadest protection possible for their R&D, enabling them to secure more embodiments than they previously thought.

For Convention and Patent Cooperation Treaty national phase filings, we take care to bring together the inputs of the correspondent patent attorneys and the insights from our team to hasten the issuance of the certificates of registration. We stay away from cookie-cutter approaches.

We also help our clients design their trademarks to make these distinctive and appropriate for their goods or services. Licensing and assignments of IPs are par for the course.

And if push comes to shove, we simply roll up our sleeves and push back harder to protect and even enlarge the commercial gains of our clients. Litigation, whether inter partes or infringement, is just second nature.

Partner Bay Loste heads this practice group and he can be reached at [email protected].