What began as pro-bono work to save the environment for a senior partner’s children, became leading case law that espoused caring for the country’s natural resources that will persist in this and the future generations to come. In championing rights of individuals to a safe and clean environment, the Firm had gained recognition as a stalwart in pollution protection and control through a continuing Mandamus that it obtained from the Supreme Court to ensure the unabated clean-up of Manila Bay. And undaunted by the stifling traffic in Manila, it filed cases anew for road-sharing and making streets viable for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Apart from maverick lawsuits that changed the mindset of regulators towards making environmental protection a crusade and goal for everyone to comply with, the Firm’s practitioners for this niche practice include evaluation of plans programs and methods that are compliant with current environmental laws and regulations, and repelling sham actions that are intended to use those same regulations to stifle progress. The participation by the Firm’s lawyers in activities intended to keep them abreast of worldwide trends in environmental protection and practice, and climate change directions, helps ensure pragmatic and skilled application of statutes and regulations for its varied clientele.

Founding and Senior Partner Sig Fortun heads this practice group and he may be reached at [email protected].