Cognizant of the demand in the country for renewable energy, we are involved in energy law practice, in particular, renewable energy law.

Our valued clients are in solar, hydro and geothermal power generation projects. For solar power projects, we service foreign clients which have considered venturing into projects in the Philippines. We have assisted and continue to assist such clients both at the investment stage and the project implementation stage, specifically, in due diligence work on the project and partner companies, share purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, incorporation, share transfers, EPC negotiations and redrafting, subcontract agreements, electricity supply agreements, project development agreement, coordination agreement, land conversion issues, employment agreements and immigration matters. These were for various projects ranging from aggregate capacity of 20,000 kWp (DC) solar electric power plant to 59.9664 MWp solar power project.

We usually help our clients in obtaining permits and licenses, and document loan and security transactions.

Senior Partner Dicky Salazar and Partner Karl Castillo handle the Energy Law portfolio. Karl is a Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM)-accredited mediator and arbitrator since 2014.

Dicky can be reached at [email protected].  Karl’s email address is [email protected].