Corporate and Commercial Practice & Corporate Rehabilitation


Knowing and understanding and being interested in what our corporate clients require and need from their lawyers is our passion and calling. Business entities in various industries, be they small, medium-sized or large enterprises, Filipino or foreign, require lawyers who can assist them achieve their objectives from their inception, continued operations and projects leading up to the completion of their corporate life.

Our Corporate and Commercial Practice Group composed of experienced partners ably assisted by senior associates and junior associates address such need. We offer the services of lawyers who are reliable and transparent at cost efficient budgets and real time connection.

Our lawyers are familiar and experienced with and possess specialized knowledge of the legal requirements for business incorporation and set-up, statutory compliance, corporate reorganizations, expansions, mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions, and tax compliance. These are the tools we use to provide our clients the confidence that they have competent legal support.

We offer an understanding of Philippine corporate and commercial laws within the context of the clients’ specific economic activities and circumstances. When asked to draw up, review, negotiate and close commercial contracts, we bear in mind that clients want to be protected against lawsuits. We know that clients are averse to any damage, thus, we seek ways to have avoid or mitigate risks. These are ensured through agreements that are clear, detailed, updated, fair and concise prepared and negotiated by FNS lawyers.

We bring to our clients’ tables the required skills, insights, strategy and counsel on how to avoid or address mistakes. We join clients in their risk appraisal and alternatives assessment in the varied fields of business from construction, pharmaceutics, telecommunications, business process outsourcing, banking, realty, condominiums, hotels, distribution, manufacturing, technology, transportation, manpower services, and other essential industries. Our services as counsel, directors, stockholders and corporate secretaries are valued additions to the established corporate structures. These complement our clients’ organizations and help their businesses succeed and achieve the right outcome.

Through our 25 years of experience, we have proudly gained the loyalty and trust of clients whom we have helped. Repeat business from our valued clients show the level of satisfaction and stable relationships established and tested through the test of time. Looking forward to meeting and assisting new corporate clients keeps us vibrant and eager. We keep our Firm’s doors open to new opportunities, linkages and numerous success stories.

Senior Partner Dicky Salazar leads this practice group and he can be reached at [email protected].