Walter Robin C. Go

Walter joined the Firm in January 2006, right after he passed the Bar exams. Each case of the cases that he has handled has its own peculiarities. Walter recalls that the first case assigned to him was a murder and parricide case. He also vividly remembers his first injunction case, which happened to be against a local government unit. Not being pampered by the Partners during the handling of these cases allowed Walter to grow as a professional and, as a result, he learned the ropes of litigation quickly. Walter was invited to the Partnership in 2015.

For Walter, the challenges in his work as a lawyer are numerous but what comes to mind is, as he shares, “the greatest probably involves dealing with people in different situations, from diverse backgrounds and varying attitudes. For example, there is no formula for serving the needs of clients. Each has its own needs and expectations. Each and every lawyer will always believe that the legal advice he doles out is correct, but without first understanding the client, the issue at hand, the personalities of the people listening, it will not be effective. All clients are different. Some want their hands to be held, while others simply want to hear their options, or weigh their risks.”

Walter grew up playing team sports from which he first learned about hard work and the importance of fair play. “This is a principle that I apply in my daily practice of law,” Walter notes. A genuine Blue Eagle, Walter graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Management and a Juris Doctor from the Ateneo de Manila University before he was accepted to the Philippine Bar in 2006. Walter principally practices Arbitration and is a certified arbitrator of the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc.

Walter can be reached at [email protected].