Venich Jammin Ramzel A. Pedron

VJ is a man of humble beginnings. He studied in public schools during his primary education, where he learned a sense of humility and respect. He became a student leader and was part of various student organizations in his alma mater. He enjoyed participating in debate competitions and was involved in numerous school activities.

He took up political science during college due to his interest in politics and public service. He was a scholar and graduated in the top five of his university class. After college, he decided to pursue law, believing that the legal profession is a great avenue to serve the people and to promote the interest of justice. He graduated from San Beda College Alabang School of Law Class of 2020 with a Juris Doctor degree.

VJ loves to have lighthearted conversations with friends and family in his free time. He also loves music and likes to sing as a hobby. He likewise enjoys watching sports. Someday, VJ dreams of helping others by imparting his humble knowledge of the law to help them protect their rights.

VJ may be reached [email protected].