Mylene T. Marcia-Creencia

Myls made a big jump and joined FNS in 1995 as one of its pioneer associates. She was there during the Firm’s early years, and saw the triumphs, challenges, milestones and strides that molded the FNS that we see today. Since then, she has not looked back and has been part of the FNS Team for 22 years… out of her 23 years as a lawyer. She has therefore spent, in her words, “more than 95% of my legal career” with the Firm.

It has always been her dream to be a lawyer. She shares: “As early as high school, I have been fascinated with the idea of being able to help defend the rights of a person, and obtain justice for people in need. I also imagined myself having a fancy job working in a law firm and rendering legal advisory work for clients.” Myls continues, “I have always thought that there will be more exciting opportunities for me if I become a lawyer. Being a private practitioner and being part of a dynamic team of legal eagles is actually just one of them. Other opportunities await a member of the bar. She could also be a prosecutor or member of the judiciary as a judge or even a justice. There is also the option of being an in-house counsel of a private corporation, or a government lawyer. Indeed, I saw a wide array of opportunities and career options to choose from once I fulfill my dream to become a lawyer. Today, I am exactly where I wanted to be, that is, working in a law firm that helped my professional growth and finding fulfillment in the work that I do.”

Myls feels truly proud that she rose from the ranks. She was one of the first associate of FNS, after previously serving as one of the first junior associates of Atty. Ogie Narvasa in his former law firm. She happily shares, “I became partner of the Firm by my own merit and through sheer hard work. I am grateful to my partners who became not only my mentors but family. They have self-effacingly taught me the ropes of the practice, to value my work and my responsibility as a lawyer.” She continues, “I am able to apply the things I have learned from my partners in the cases I handle for the Firm. Most of these are annulment of marriage, adoption, custody, support of children, estate planning, immigration and corporate law. Luckily, all my annulment petitions have been granted by the courts. This is because of my hands-own and assiduous approach in all the cases that I handle. Although I am already a partner of the Firm, I do not just leave the work to a junior associate. I make it a point to impart to the junior lawyers the things I learned from the senior partners so they too will be able to hone their own litigation skills. I do not just monitor the junior lawyers’ work; more importantly, I mentor them in doing their work.”

Myls heads the Family Law and Estates practice group of the Firm. She took her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Pontifical University, cum laude, and graduated from the San Beda University (College of Law) – Mendiola in 1993. Myls is a member of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association and a Legal 500 Asia Pacific Recommended Lawyer in 2017.

Myls can be reached at [email protected].