Karl Arian A. Castillo

Karl joined FNS in 2002. He was promoted to Senior Associate in 2004 and admitted to the Partnership in 2008. He has been in litigation since his early years with the Firm but he also involves himself in energy law, arbitration, and environmental cases. The practice of law, according to Karl, ‘is a jealous lover that demands so much from a person.  It can shatter you to pieces if you allow it.  Assiduous preparation and trying to predict all possible ramifications of my decisions help me become a better lawyer because fear and stress are both rooted in the unknown.’  He states, ‘striving for perfection even if it seems unreachable makes one a better person,  which ultimately redounds to the benefit and success of FNS.’

Karl considers having a wonderful and loving family as his greatest blessing. ‘My family is the center of my universe and the fountain of my happiness. Joyce, Kim, Gab, and Edj are my raison d’ etre.’

Karl covers the Energy Law practice group of the Firm and can be reached at [email protected].