Gerille Hope E. Patagan

Versatility is Hope’s gem. She has made her mark in both litigation and corporate practice areas. Her keenness for detail ensures that all corporate transactions are above-board, while her ability to stand on her feet in court is a recognized talent.

Initially inclined to pursue a career in the academe, Hope went to law school to challenge herself. Women’s rights and environmental concerns are causes close to her heart. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology (magna cum laude) and Juris Doctor from the University of the Philippines.

When not in the court room or assisting clients with their corporate concerns, Hope seeks the outdoors during weekends. Her idea of taking a break from pleading-writing is a day out on the beach. (Hash-)tagged the wandering lawyer, her photo-dump is a timely reminder to live and be in the moment.

Hope’s email address is [email protected]