Fritz Paolo V. Casama

Fritz envisions himself to be one of the successful lawyers of tomorrow and believes that the key depends not only on one’s competence but also on his passion for fulfilling the responsibilities that come with it.

Being a people person, Fritz joined different school organizations as an opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and skills. Among his most valued experiences in college days involves leadership activities. He participated in organizing events such as the human rights forum, immersion with the marginalized groups, and other volunteer works. Diligent as he is, these extracurricular activities did not negatively affect his academic affair, for he managed to graduate as Magna Cum Laude in the University of the Philippines, Manila, under the BA Political Science program. He, later on, pursued his Juris Doctor degree in Ateneo Law School, where he graduated with honors as well.

Before joining FNSLAW, he was an intern at the Office of the Solicitor General. This internship experience contributed to his professional development aligned with his interest and inspired him to explore and, someday, practice in the different fields of law.

Fritz enjoys the outdoors and relishes music, underrated films, and good food.

He may be reached at [email protected].