Bounteous M. Servito

Meticulous, driven and grounded, Bounce is known for his dynamic work-ethic. Being immersed in various organizations at the University of the Philippines Diliman where he earned his Juris Doctor degree and graduated cum laude from the University’s Sociology program, has refined his ability to ensure that the results he delivers are tailor-fit to meet his client’s needs and has further affirmed his pursuit for excellence in all endeavors.

A steadfast advocate for human rights, Bounce believes that the profession is not limited to the protection of these rights but instead plays a cardinal role in setting the standard for truth and justice in the many facets of humanity as torch-bearers for real and progressive change in society. This reflects the higher level of accountability he imposes upon himself as counsel in his areas of practice.

As he continues to learn the ropes, he takes with him his unwavering commitment to champion his client’s interests, knowing fully well that excellence is founded on both hard work and the continuous dedication to make his better, his best.

Bounce can be reached at [email protected].