Practice Areas

We provide competent and expert assistance in corporate and commercial law, corporate rehabilitation and insolvency, litigation and dispute resolution, arbitration, family law, medical malpractice actions, intellectual property law, labor and employment law, projects, energy and mining law, environmental law, and immigration law.


Our Firm handles all variants and aspects of dispute resolution actions in the country and around the region. We complement our core practice areas by giving advice to our clients concerning dispute resolution strategy, methods and solutions, and by representing them in the negotiations of their disputes with relevant parties.

In the growing area of alternative dispute resolution and arbitration (both domestic and international), our Firm had represented shareholders of a domestic company against an international entity based in the United States as well as known construction companies against their principals and vice versa, all of which cases involved complex, critical, and challenging issues and concerns. Court-administered dispute resolution has been an area where our Firm excels racking up a number of cases settled resulting in significant benefits and prompt resolution of client’s claims.

In line with the Firm’s offer of a full-range and comprehensive service on dispute resolution and arbitration, it assures its clients of a combination of its diverse knowledge, experience, commercial skills, and prompt action in meeting its clients’ needs.

Corporate and Commercial Practice

Our corporate and commercial practice involves a wide range of clientele, both domestic and international, in fields such as manufacturing, real estate, mining, banking and financing, business process outsourcing, media and telecommunications, insurance, wholesale and retail trade, construction, and infrastructure.

We provide comprehensive service in all areas of our clients’ corporate and commercial concerns, including corporate and commercial litigation. We assist clients through cost efficient and quality legal services in company formation, registration of corporate vehicles, availment of incentives, application for business licenses, and obtention of government approvals.

We also advise our clients on their investments, projects, mergers and acquisitions, takeovers, capital and fund raising, joint ventures, insolvency concerns, debt restructuring, and corporate governance. Our expertise in this field include drafting, reviewing, or revising contracts of all kinds, representing our clients in contract negotiations with relevant parties and in litigation involving corporate or commercial disputes, conducting due diligence for the protection of our clients’ interests, and performing other general corporate activities.

We thus take pride in our competence, experience, and expertise in corporate and commercial law as well as our ability to resolve even the most complex and challenging problems of our clients.

Corporate Rehabilitation

Our Firm has handled corporate rehabilitation and insolvency cases for trading, semiconductor, financing companies, family corporations, and banks for over a decade resulting either in the complete re-organization and revitalization of the company’s core businesses, or their orderly liquidation. We continue to handle cases for a major international multi-lateral financing institution in the resolution of claims against local companies, and had assisted major commercial banks in obtaining significant gains from rehabilitation cases filed by their creditors.

Family Law

We handle a wide-range of cases covering marriage, adoption, child-custody issues, and actions for protection of women and children with focus on the most economical and swift resolution of disputes. Our core competency stems from years of experience in handling issues covering women and children particularly on abuse and violence incidents where a team of trained lady lawyers handle cases with much dedication and concern for client’s welfare. We are knowledgeable in the most recent techniques and practices in presenting child witnesses and protection of women’s rights in the family.

Medical Malpractice Actions

Our current portfolio of active cases include cases filed by or against medical practitioners in negligence and fraud cases, and against hospitals and other medical institutions on patient deaths and injuries. We had been handling cases involving the medical profession and allied fields for over a decade and had handily won cases protecting the rights of physicians to practice their profession and defending some against frivolous money claims. We had recently handled labor and damages actions filed by medical practitioners against their employers and successfully obtained relief for them. Our lawyers lecture to physicians to help them avoid malpractice issues and court suits involving their respective specializations.

Projects, Mining and Natural Resources and Energy Law

The Firm is recognized in the Philippines and internationally as a leading firm in mining, natural resources and energy law. The Firm assists clients with joint venture agreements, royalty agreements, earn-in agreements, government permit approvals, due diligence, mining litigation and dispute resolution, environmental matters, construction contracts, indigenous peoples’ issues, and project financing agreements. Its existing foreign and domestic mining clients range from operating companies to exploration entities.

In the field of natural resources, it renders legal services in rights, applications and joint venture agreements, due diligence and financing arrangements.

In energy law, the Firm helps clients, such as hydro-electric companies, obtain permits and licenses, and document loan and security transactions.

The Firm is an active member of the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines, the Philippine Mineral Exploration Association and the Australian New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Mining Committee.

Intellectual Property

The Firm assists its clients in patent (inventions, utility models and industrial designs) and trademark prosecution before the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL). It acts as local patent agent for foreign companies who want to pursue their Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) national phase applications in the Philippines. The junior partner in charge of the Firm’s Intellectual Property Group is a registered patent agent (mechanical and electrical) and helps inventors in invention assessment and in preparing and drafting specifications and claims.

Aside from intellectual property prosecution, we also appear before the Bureau of Legal Affairs of the IPOPHL for inter partes cases and administrative proceedings concerning patents and trademarks. Our Firm likewise represents clients in the conduct of search and seizure of infringing products.

The members of the Firm’s IP Group regularly volunteer in public awareness campaign protection of IP rights by acting as lecturers and trainors in various fora and in IPOPHL-sponsored activities. The Firm is a member of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association, Licensing Executives Society, ASEAN IP Association and American IP Law Association.

Dispute Resolution

Always working as a team, the Firm prides itself with its criminal litigation practice where the primary objective is to provide top-notch service to meet the client’s needs whether acting as private prosecutor or as defense counsel. It handles cases involving heinous crimes, graft and corruption suits, violations of civil liberties, fraud, and a host of other disputes.  We take pride in handling suits before the Supreme Court that help clarify criminal statutes and rules of procedure, and in obtaining acquittals in heinous offenses.

Numerous milestones that have been instrumental to its growth have marked the Firm’s fifteen year litigation practice. Its pro-active, tenacious, and zealous approach to each case has enabled it achieve victories in highly contentious criminal litigation disputes before the Sandiganbayan (Anti-Graft Court), the Ombudsman and before regular courts. It currently handles the prosecution of those responsible for the bombing of the House of Representatives of the Philippines and the perpetrators of a Ponzi scam that victimized a number of investors in cross-border business ventures. It also acts as private prosecutor in a high profile murder case in southern Philippines. It has successfully defended clients accused of grave offenses such as parricide, kidnapping for ransom, rape, fraud, homicide, and violation of the Dangerous Drugs Act.  It also acted as counsel in a criminal action filed against a mall conglomerate whose building facility exploded resulting in death to many.  The Firm also assists military officers in court martial cases.

We continue to handle important land dispute and land registration cases in various parts of the country covering agricultural and commercial lots where large tracts of land are involved.  Issues ranging from boundary disputes, tenancy problems, title claims, and ownership issues have been  successfully prosecuted or defended arising from the Firm’s exposure to this practice for over a decade.

Our Firm also takes pride in handling estate cases and the settlement of matters relating to partition of assets of old, landed families in this country.  Through its comprehensive approach to solving estate issues and conciliation among contending heirs, the resolution of these cases has proven to be both economical and painless to its clients.

Through its first class dedicated service, the Firm makes its clients feel that every case is a matter of extreme urgency deserving of utmost attention.  Regular reports to clients keep them abreast with the developments in their case. The root of this dedication is the Firm’s desire to make each client feel that they are the most important and they deserve the full attention of the lawyers.

Environmental Law

The Firm has been involved in environmental protection cases since it was established. It successfully litigated a landmark case where the concept of “inter-generational responsibility” was born. The same case is now being used in the international arena to champion the rights of future generations to a balanced and healthful ecology. Recently, the Firm again achieved a high point in its practice through its involvement in another precedent-setting case where the Supreme Court recognized the doctrine of “Continuing Mandamus” in connection with the clean-up of the Manila Bay. Two of its partners received commendations from the University of the Philippines College of Law for their work on the case.

Apart from the foregoing cases, the Firm is also involved in environmental protection cases in Palawan and Northern Luzon.

The Firm’s efforts in the field also extend to its offices. It practices a “reduce, re-use, and recycle” program to make a tangible contribution to environmental conservation and protection. Employees are encouraged to be conscious of the current state of the environment and to allot their time and effort to projects that promote its protection.








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