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Creative and innovative in addressing client-problems and in resolving complicated legal issues, our Firm dissects each case and project with surgical precision, explores all areas of concern and uncovers every angle necessary to protect your interests. Thorough and determined, we focus on your peculiar needs with the aim of providing you an ingenious, practical, expedient and intelligent solution to your legal challenges.

As the laws evolve, so does each FNS lawyer bearing in mind that your interests are continuously affected by every legal development, technological advancement and historical and political changes. Our lawyers regularly participate in various local and international fora in order to continually develop our legal knowledge and provide you with a current and well-informed response to each of your concerns.

By nurturing our experience and proficiency in the legal profession, we will help you blaze a trail in your respective fields upon which others can only follow.


Our Firm constitutes a single cohesive team working together to achieve one common objective - to provide legal services of the highest quality.

This closely-knit group comprised of bright and dynamic lawyers is ably supported by well-trained and seasoned support staff. Each team member coordinates closely with the others to serve your needs in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

But the teamwork does not stop with us. We understand that the best formula can be arrived at only if we work with you. With our reliable and personable lawyers and staff, we develop a deeper and more meaningful attorney-client relationship to enable us to act with you in a more efficient way.

With us, you are supported, not just by one mind, but by a team imbued with a culture of brilliance, dedication and consistency.


Our Firm does not put much stock on the saying "Nothing personal, just business", because for us, your business is personal.

In this fast-changing and complex world, the services of your lawyer have become an indispensable key to continued success not just to win legal battles and achieve corporate goals but more importantly to prevent disputes at the earliest possible stage and attain synergies in commercial transactions. By understanding your peculiar circumstances, interests, and preferences, we tailor-fit our legal service to suit your particular needs instead of providing you with the standard legal advice given by our colleagues. This we do because we want to provide you not only the best legal service we can offer, but the most suitable and practical one as well.

Dedicated and loyal, we make your business our personal and primary concern.

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